[FAQ] New Pricing Restructure March/2022

On March 1st, 2022, we’ll be introducing some changes to our current plans, licenses, and pricing structure. Here's where you can find the answers to some questions you may have about it.

What happens with existing free and paid users?

Users with a subscription purchased prior to March 1st will be grandfathered into their existing plans and will renew automatically at old pricing.
Please note any upgrades will upgrade to the new plans and prices.

What happens if an old license fails to renew and the license is canceled?

Right now, if a renewal's payment fails more than 5x, the subscription is automatically canceled. This means that if an existing customer lets their old plan expire, they won't be able to restore it or re-purchase it for the old price.

How many free subscriptions can a user have per account?

It's possible to subscribe to two free subscriptions per account, and we will take into account any type of free subscription (currently available or available at any point in the past). This means Starter (new free plan), free subscription up to 2,000 subscribers (retired), free subscription up to 1,000 subscribers (retired), or a mix of two of them.

What's included in the Starter plan?

That Starter plan will enable you to send up to 5,000 emails per month using the MailPoet Sending Service, to up to 1,000 subscribers, for free. You'll have access to all of MailPoet's core features: newsletters, automated emails, the form builder, basic engagement statistics, WooCommerce emails, and basic segmentation options. You'll be able to access support via the WordPress Community Forums, and MailPoet branding will be included on your email templates. The Starter plan does not include integration with Google Analytics, detailed engagement statistics, multi-condition segmentation, or access to Priority Support – you would need to upgrade to a paid plan to access these features, along with any additional functionality we release in the future.

What are the options available to use the MailPoet Sending Service?

Starter (single website up to 1,000 subscribers), Business (single website according to the number of subscribers you have), and Agency (50 websites according to the number of subscribers you have) plans include sending via the MailPoet Sending Service.

And if I want to send using my own sending method (i.e.: Amazon SES, own SMTP option)?

If you're not interested in our sending service and you want to send your emails using your own sending method, you should choose from a subscription from the Creator plan.

Is there any option I can subscribe to where I can send to unlimited subscribers?

No, that's no longer possible. All the new plans we offer will have a subscribers' limit to send emails to.

I have other questions about these changes.

Please contact our support team through this form.

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