The Captcha Image Doesn't Show Up

If you can't see the Captcha image containing the characters to type after submitting a form, that means there's an undesired whitespace or empty line being output at the top of your website's HTML.

We can easily confirm that by viewing the source-code of the page where the Captcha image should appear:

...and identifying the empty lines at the top of the HTML output:

How to fix this

To fix this problem, you'll need to locate the file with the empty line at the top and remove it.

We suggest you use the Theme Editor and Plugin editor of your WordPress to check for these empty lines at the top of your files. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to find out which file is causing this. You'll need to look at most of them. We suggest you start by your theme files, especially the functions.php file:

Broken tracking image

This same problem can prevent the hidden track image that is embedded on every email sent by MailPoet from being loaded thus preventing it from detecting if that newsletter was open by your subscribers. 

Removing this empty line fixes this issue as well.

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