Customize Your Manage Subscription Page

When your subscribers click the "Manage your subscription" link in their Newsletter, they will be directed to MailPoet's default Manage Your Subscription Page. If you want to use a custom Subscription page, you can follow these steps below:

First, you have to create a new page by going to  WordPress Dashboard > Pages > Add New:

You can write any message you want and then paste the shortcode [mailpoet_manage_subscription] onto the page:

After you have created and published your new page, access MailPoet > Settings > Basics and go to Manage Subscription page options. Select the custom Unsubscribed page created from the drop-down menu:

You can click on Preview link to see what your custom Manage Your Subscription page will look like. Don't forget to save your settings when you finished editing. You should have a page looking like this:

There are also helpful filters to further customize the page:

mailpoet_manage_subscription_page_form_fields - customize form fields displayed on the Manage Subscription page. The argument is an array of fields and their properties.

mailpoet_manage_subscription_page - customize the template of the Manage Subscription page. The argument is a rendered HTML code of the page to be displayed.

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