Support for Multilingual Plugins

MailPoet does not directly support qTranslate, WPML, or Polylang.

This said you can still use MailPoet with these plugins to send standard newsletters. Simply ensure:

  • to have forms for each language;
  • translate the signup confirmation email in all languages since there's only 1 confirmation email;
  • translate the Unsubscribe page and the Manage Your Subscription page.

MailPoet works pretty well with MultilingualPress or WeGlot otherwise.

How to Set Up MailPoet on a Multilingual Website

1. Create a list for each of your languages;

2. Create a form for each of your languages. Each form should be tied to its respective language;

3. Add each form to your websites, so they show in their respective language;

4. In your site's In MailPoet's Settings > Sign-up Confirmation, update the content of the email to be in all languages;

5. Send newsletters or emails in a language to the corresponding list.

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