Solving Database Connection Issues

When MailPoet is unable to connect to the database, a warning like this is displayed:

What Is The Problem?

MailPoet uses a  PHP Data Objects (PDO) extension to connect to the database. If your website is on a Unix server and localhost is used as a database hostname, then PDO will try to connect to the database via a socket file specified in the PHP configuration (during the compilation or via php.ini). As described in  the PHP documentation:
When the host name is set to  "localhost", then the connection to the server is made thru a domain socket. If PDO_MYSQL is compiled against libmysqlclient then the location of the socket file is at libmysqlclient's compiled in location. If PDO_MYSQL is compiled against mysqlnd a default socket can be set thru the  pdo_mysql.default_socket setting.
When that socket file is missing, MailPoet is unable to connect to the database.

What Is The Solution?

Solution 1

  1. Open the file wp-config.php file.
  2. Find the line define('DB_HOST', 'localhost'); and replace it with define('DB_HOST', ''); 

Solution 2

  1. Find your mysql.sock file. Common locations include: 
    • /tmp/mysql.sock
    • /tmp/mysql/mysql.sock
    • /var/mysql/mysql.sock

    or, if you use MAMP or LAMP look for inside the MySQL's tmp folder

  2. Edit yourphp.ini file and properly set the value for pdo_mysql.default_sock
  3. Restart your web Apache server to pickup the changes.

Need Help?

If you need further assistance to fix this, please contact your hosting provider's technical support and provide a link to this article. Or if you want a developer to help you? We recommend those at Codeable (affiliate link).
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