Common SMTP Port Numbers

Find the most common port numbers below. Some ports may not work, as many hosts block them.

Need help? Contact your host or read their documentation to make sure which ports they use.

Common SMTP ports:

  • SMTP - port 25 or 2525
  • Secure SMTP (SSL / TLS) - port 465 or 587

Elastic Email

Ports: 25, 2525, 587, 465 (TLS or SSL).

The new version of MailPoet no longer supports Elastic Email's API. You will need to setup Elastic Email as an SMTP connection instead (Third-Party).

SendGrid and Amazon SES

MailPoet now supports sending emails through these services' API connections, so you don't need to set up an SMTP connection to use them. Good news for Amazon users!

Be sure to select them on the Provider drop-down on the MailPoet > Settings page.


You can connect via unencrypted or TLS on ports 25, 2525, and 587. You can connect via SSL on port 465.

MailPoet does  not support Mandrill's API.

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