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  • Is MailPoet GDPR Compliant?

    Yes, we are GDPR compliant and we have a Data Processing Agreement. You can also check our privacy notice here. We suggest that you also add a link to our Privacy Notice in your own Privacy Notice

  • How to Export Subscribers IP Addresses

    You can export your subscriber's IP addresses as a column when exporting your subscriber's data. Note: this function is only available if you have MailPoet version 3.4.3 or newer. Go to MailPoet >

  • The WooCommerce Customers list

    The WooCommerce Customers list is a list automatically created by MailPoet with all of your WooCommerce customers. It also includes " Guest" customers. This list does count towards the 1,000

  • Add a Checkbox Field to the MailPoet Form

    You can simply add a checkbox to your MailPoet form when creating a new form or when editing an existing one by going to MailPoet > Forms page. A good idea is to use it to ask for your subscriber's

  • Guide to Conform to GDPR

    Important: you do not need to reconfirm all your subscribers. A few software providers, including MailChimp, have erroneously recommended this and even built tools for this purpose. If your

  • Does MailPoet Work with Multisite?

    MailPoet 3 does not officially support Multisite websites. The functionalities of the plugin should work fine in a Multisite install. However, the total count of subscribers includes all users across

  • Sharing Your Data with Us

    As a MailPoet user, you can share anonymous data to help us improve the plugin. You can enable the data sharing option from the backend of your site in  MailPoet > Settings > Advanced. Why do we need

  • Import Old Customers to the WooCommerce Customers List

    Since May 21st, 2019 (MailPoet 3 Version 3.26.1), shop owners can easily send emails to their customers by selecting the WooCommerce Customers list. If WooCommerce is active, users that installed or

  • MailPoet Sending Service Anti-Spam Policy

    If you're sending with the MailPoet Sending Service you receive a significant number of invalid email addresses or spam complaints, our service will be paused for your account. This is to ensure that