Troubleshooting Invalid DKIM Records

When setting up DKIM for your sender domain and something is wrong with the settings, they may show up as Invalid.

If you're having trouble verifying them: 

  1. Please double check that the record types, names are values in your DNS manager exactly match the values requested in MailPoet interface;
  2. If you've just added the records, try waiting for 5-10 minutes and click "Verify DNS records" again. DNS changes can take up to 24 hours to propagate, but commonly you may see them within 5-30 minutes;
  3. Double check the DNS record name. Some DNS providers may create DNS records with a duplicate the domain name, causing "" record to be incorrectly created as "". This is the case of GoDaddy, for example.
    If this occurred in your case, try removing the domain name from the record's name, leaving it as " mailpoet1._domainkey", "mailpoet2._domainkey" and "_mailpoet".
  4. If you use Cloudflare as your domain's DNS provider, switch from "Proxied" to "DNS only" Proxy status for both of the CNAME records:
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