Guide To Use An Authorized FROM Email Address

Sending emails with the MailPoet Sending Service requires you to use a real and valid email address that belongs to you. 
All users who have installed MailPoet plugin and are sending with the MailPoet Sending Service need to authorize their email addresses used as the Sender.
Why is this required? This is to prevent phishing or email spoofing.

Authorized your email addresses in your account

Log in to your on and add email addresses that belong to you:

You'll need to check the inbox of your email addresses and click on the emails MailPoet sends to you confirm the ownership.

Important: MailPoet will rewrite your FROM address is you use an authorized Gmail or Yahoo, because these free inboxes don't allow third-parties like MailPoet to send on their behalf for security reasons. The from address will look like This is why we recommend setting up an email address using your website's domain. 

wordpress@ : your WordPress website users this FROM address by default. This address doesn't actually exist and cannot be authorized. Simply authorize an email address that actually exists!

Where to Update the Sender's Settings

1. Update the FROM address in your Settings > Basics

Update your authorized FROM address in the option "Default sender":

2. Before sending newsletters

Before you send newsletters or activate with a Post Notification or Welcome Email:

I'm seeing a notice that my FROM address is not authorized

Sometimes you can see a notice that your FROM address is not authorized:


Here are the things to check in this case:

  1. Ensure that this FROM address is authorized in your MailPoet account.
  2. Check that the key you're using in MailPoet > Settings > Key Activation belongs to the same account where your FROM address is authorized.
  3. Check your existing MailPoet emails for the FROM address that is not authorized.
  4. Type your FROM address all lower-case.
  5. Update your MailPoet plugins to the latest version.
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