[FAQ] General

1. Does MailPoet have this feature?

Want to know if MailPoet has a specific feature  without having to install the plugin? Try the live demo.

2. I'm trying to delete a subscriber and it's not working.

If you cannot delete a subscriber, it means they're probably added to the WordPress Users list or the WooCommerce Customers list. WordPress Users should be deleted as a User by going to the WordPress dashboard > Users page. Customers added to the WooCommerce Customers list can not be removed from this list or from the MailPoet plugin, unless you delete their order from the WooCommerce plugin. They can be marked as "Unsubscribed" though.

3. How many free plans can I subscribe to per account?

You can subscribe to 2 free plans per account. 

4. Does MailPoet use wp_mail?

It does not. Instead it uses PHPMail instead.
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