Upgrade Now to Continue Sending

If you have received an email notification with the following text:

Hi John Doe! 

This email requires you to take action.
You have reached the subscriber limit of your current sending plan for http://www.website.com. You have 977 subscribers, but your plan is Blogger
To continue sending with us, you must upgrade your plan.
If you don't act now, your MailPoet plugin will stop sending emails within a week. Alternatively, change the sending methods to stop sending with MailPoet.

The MailPoet folks

That means you are sending emails with  MailPoet Sending Service to more subscribers than your current plan allows.

If you already bought a new sending service plan that fits the number of your subscribers, but you are still getting these email notifications, make sure to change your Activation Key to the new one from the plan you just purchased. Related: How To Set Up the MailPoet Sending Service

Since we charge our customers by the number of subscribers they have on their MailPoet's lists, it does not matter to our service if you are just sending to a list with just a few subscribers. All of them with the status "Subscribed" and "Unconfirmed" are used to calculate your total number of subscribers.

Log into your account and check the limit of your plan:

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