Understanding the Three Types of Campaigns

MailPoet allows you to create three different types of emails: Standard Newsletters, Welcome Emails, and Post Notifications. Each one has a different purpose.

1. Standard Newsletters

A standard newsletter is just a basic email. You can send it immediately or you can schedule it to be sent at a later time. This is in contrast to the two other email types (Welcome Emails and Post Notifications) which are automatically sent whenever a specific event occurs. 

Standard newsletters are useful for sending individual, non-recurring emails to your subscribers. If you want to automatically send the same newsletter on a regular basis, you should use a Welcome Email or a Post Notifications email.

2. Welcome Emails

Welcome Emails are triggered when one of the following events occur:

  • Someone subscribes to a list
  • A new WordPress user is added to your website in a specific role

You can choose how quickly you want to send Welcome Emails: immediately or a certain number of hours, days, or weeks later.

3. Post Notifications

Post Notifications are designed to automatically send your new WordPress posts to your subscribers. In other plugins and services, Post Notifications are sometimes called Post2Email or RSS-to-Email. 

You can choose the frequency of this type of campaign:

If you want to send an email newsletter each and every time you publish a new post, you should choose Immediately. Otherwise, if your publishing frequency is more than one email per day, then we recommend picking a different frequency to avoid sending your subscribers too many emails.

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