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Note: this article refers to our old form editor. It was replaced with a new one that uses the WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg) in version 3.45.0. To read about the new editor,  click here: Create a Form with our New Form Editor

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Creating a subscription form in MailPoet is easy! Simply go to the MailPoet > Forms page and click on the Add New button.

Once you click to add a new form, you'll see two columns: the form editor and the form options.

1. Settings 

Select a list 

First thing is to select a list which this form will add your subscribers to. You can do this on the Settings panel on the right side of the screen:

If you don't want to pre-select these lists and would rather allow your subscribers to select which lists they want to join, then click on the Fields panel and drag the List selection field to the form editor:

After submit...

select what your form will do after a subscriber hits "Submit." You have two options: 

  1. Show a custom message to your subscribers;
  2. Redirect your users to a specific page.

2. Form Placement

On this panel, you will find the code necessary to embed the form on your website (or on another website):

  • The Shortcode is used to include the form on your WordPress Posts or Pages. Shortcodes will not work on an external website.
  • If you are developing your own theme, the HTML and PHP codes are useful for custom template pages.
  • The iFrame is primarily used on external websites. That is, a website other than the one with MailPoet installed on it. Using an iFrame, subscribers can join your list(s) from elsewhere on the Internet.

The MailPoet Form Widget

You can also add a MailPoet Form widget to any sidebars available on your theme. To do this, simply go to the Widgets page and drag the MailPoet Form widget into one of your theme's sidebars.

3. Fields

On this panel, you can add additional fields to your form, such as First name or Last name.

Adding default fields

By default, MailPoet includes these basic fields:

Adding custom fields

If you want to add more fields, like Birthday or City, simply click on the Add New Field button to create them. 

These custom fields can be also created when importing subscribers via a CSV file.

Editing fields

If you mouse over each field you added, you’ll see an “Edit display” option. So if you want to edit the Name field, for example, you can edit its label text and choose if you want to display or not label within the input and if you want it to be or not mandatory (except for the Email field, which is mandatory by default).

4. Styles

Finally, this panel allows you to style all your form components with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS.) When saving your form, all the styles added in this panel will also be saved - there is no need to add these styles to your own theme's stylesheet. 

MailPoet does not provide support for styling subscription forms. If you need help styling a form and would like to hire a developer, we recommend reaching out to one from Codeable (affiliate link).

Feeling adventurous? If you want to style the form yourself, here is an introduction to CSS Basics.

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